I run GNOME 3.36 on top of Wayland and Arch Linux. I can create meetings and start the screen share with no reported issues, but people who join only see a black screen (plus whatever I have drawn). This is because Screen is trying to use X11 APIs to capture what's on my screen, but things work differently under Wayland so it is not able to capture anything.

Here is code that implements screen capture under Wayland for OBS Studio: https://gitlab.gnome.org/feaneron/obs-xdg-portal/-/tree/master. Screen will probably need to do something similar (or wait for Chromium/Electron to support screen capture under Wayland).

Output of snap info screen:


name: screen

summary: Supercharged meetings for remote engineering teams

publisher: Screen, Inc. (screen)

store-url: https://snapcraft.io/screen

contact: team@screen.so

license: unset

description: |

Communicate visually with drawing. Collaborate efficiently with multiplayer

screen sharing. So easy, it feels like you’re in the same room.


- screen

snap-id: HBe7T7yVKD7Tm1rQ2A2MZSMV00lsuSy9

tracking: latest/stable

refresh-date: today at 13:01 PDT


stable: 1.0.14 2020-03-24 (73) 143MB -

candidate: ↑

beta: ↑

edge: 0.8.32 2019-11-25 (26) 121MB devmode

installed: 1.0.14 (73) 143MB -